Simplicity Is Key

We set out to build the easiest time tracking solution thinkable, while still offering all essential features.

For Teams Of All Sizes

Working by yourself or with a large team? T-Rex can be used by a single user or a team of users.

Your Data Is Yours

Time registration entries can easily be exported to CSV, meaning you can always move on.

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Simple Software,
Simply Priced

Try T-Rex with the free tier including one user and one project. Convinced? For just €5,- per user per month (exc. VAT) you can create an unlimited amount of projects!

1 user, 1 project, ∞ time




Free for an unlimited time!

More users or projects?




Per user per month. (Exc. VAT)

Improve Your Efficiency With T-Rex

From Nuisance To Delight

Experience the benefits of proper time registration with a tool that’s so easy to use you’ll actually enjoy tracking your hours.

Visual indicators show the status of your projects and tasks, so you’ll never be surprised again by budget overages.

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Experience How Easy Time Tracking Can Be With T-Rex!

How it works?


A client is the highest level category in T-Rex, you can create an unlimited amount of clients for your team! (In the free tier, you are limited to one client)


A client can have an unlimited amount of projects (except in the free tier). You can easily see the total budget and total amount of time spent, per project.


Lastly, a project can have an infinite number of tasks. And with budgets and time spent per task, it’ll be a breeze to manage your projects.

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Create your T-Rex account in seconds and start tracking time the easy way! You can the free T-Rex tier with a maximum of 1 project for an unlimited amount of time.

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